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Phoebe is a total house lion with that big fluffy mane and his penchant for lounging like royalty! Besides his regally good looks, Phoebe is ultra playful and LOVES to monkey around with his brother Furby. When it comes to being pet, Phoebe is still a little shy, but he comes right out of his shell once he sees you coming his way with a laser pointer or a wiggly wand toy. Phoebe will run right up to your feet alongside Furby and will twirl, meow, and dance in excitement if he thinks you’re going to initiate a game of catch, and he sings when it’s time for a meal too. Phoebe doesn’t have a favourite toy, unless you can say ‘all of them’! He would absolutely love to be spoiled in his future forever home with tons of cool kitty toys to choose from. When he isn’t playing, you can probably found Phoebe stretched out on the floor, grooming his gorgeous fur. Phoebe likes other cats and is very outgoing, but sometimes his personality can be a bit too much for super laid back cats.