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Say hello to silly and playful one year old Furby! From tail to tip, this kitty’s favourite thing to do is play all day long, and he’d love to have you by his side along with his brother, Phoebe! Furby is still a bit shy when it comes to being pet, but he has no such reservations about monkeying around with toys or playing games with you! If you have a feather wand or wiggly toy in your hands, Furby will follow you around the room and chirp excitedly for you to start a game of catch. Furby’s favourite toys are... Well, all of them! If he can get his adorable little paws on it, Furby will play with anything he can reach. He’s also quite the fan of climbing on kitty trees, and he likes to stick his feet in his water dish (maybe he thinks there’s fish in there?). Furby has made incredible progress and has gained a lot of confidence with the help of our socializing volunteers, and we know in a home by your side, he will only continue to grow. Furby is extremely rambunctious and has no problem with other kitties, but sometimes he can be a bit much for laid back ‘no nonsense’ cats!