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Big girl, you are BEAUTIFUL! Say hello to dazzling six year old Coco, there’s a whole lot of love to go around with this cutie patoot tuxedo. Coco can be a little shy when she’s first making new friends, but that’s ok! She just needs your patience and gentle encouragement as she gets her feet on the ground, and then you’ll be fast friends in no time. Sometimes Coco likes to meow musically when she has something on her mind and wants to tell you all about it, but otherwise she is a fairly quiet kitty. She prefers to toddle on up to you and gaze at you with her gorgeous eyes until you see her, and then it’s time to soak up all the love she can! With her generous belly, Coco enjoys big beds that she can stretch right out in. She also quite enjoys napping in front of a sunny window, although she really isn’t too picky, Coco just likes to be wherever you are. Coco gets along with children, but doesn’t seem to like other cats very much. Coco would benefit from her forever family continuing her on a healthy diet so that she can lose a bit of extra weight.