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Look out world, here comes three year old Tofu! If your idea of the perfect kitty is bubbly, outgoing, energetic and a downright class clown, you’re going to want to meet Tofu and his sister Sushi! Tofu has a big personality with a big heart that goes hand in hand to make the most amazing cat around - Tofu’s brave and bold personality allow him to make new friends easily, and he’s always happy to meet a friendly face! Throughout the day you can find Tofu getting into all sorts of good-natured trouble - Sometimes he likes to lay in the big wash sink we have in our shelter, other times he likes to hop a ride on the feeding cart as our volunteers dish out meals. Other times, he’s walking high above our heads on top of his friends’ enclosures! When Tofu heard the saying ‘The sky’s the limit’, he took that literally - This handsome monkey has no fear of heights, and he loves to sing and chirp happily at you from on top of cat trees and anything else he can climb! Tofu is a big snuggler who loves to be held in your arms and sit on your shoulders. He’s a gentle giant, and total best friend material. Tofu gets along great with children, and he’s pretty good with other cats too.