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Ellie K
In terms of kitten energy, six month old Ellie is middle ground - She likes to play, but she likes to have her quiet time too! You can often find adorable little Ellie snuggled up on the couch, or using her scratching post to keep her toes all neat and tidy. Ellie is still growing and coming out of her shell, and so she can be a little shy with her human friends still. But, with time, your love, and of course a few treats to strengthen your bond, Ellie opens up and shows you her wonderful personality. When it’s time to play, Ellie loves to monkey around with her toys, and up and down her favourite scratching post. Once she’s tuckered herself out for the day, Ellie has recently discovered how nice it is to get into bed with her human friends for a nap! Ellie gets along well with the dog in her foster home, and she would do well with calm children too.