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Say hello to one year old Eloise, this beautiful tuxedo is looking for a home and a family who will love her from tail to tip, and who will help her continue to grow her confidence! Eloise can be slow to open herself up to new people, but she really hopes that you won’t give up on her because of itt - Eloise is an absolutely spectacular kitty who loves to spend time on the couch with you, and she likes to be held and hugged close in your arms, too. She just needs your patience and understanding as she settles in at your side, and you’ll have a best friend for life in return! Eloise likes to gaze out the window and watch the world go by, and she’s a big fan of meal times and clean litter boxes. Eloise would like to be the only cat in her future forever home, she wants to be your kitty queen! Eloise gets along well with the dog in her foster home, and she would do well with calm children after a slow introduction.