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Say hello to Five month old Frankie, an extremely friendly boy who just needs a little extra time to settle in when he’s making new friends - Luckily, with his brother Cooper by his side, Frankie is ready to take on the world! Frankie loves to be loved, and he appreciates a gentle touch when he’s still getting to know you. Frankie enjoys being pet and having his head rubbed, and in particular he loves his face and neck to be massaged. Throughout the day you can often find Frankie right by his brother’s side - They like to play together, sleep together, and watch the birds fly outside the window together too. Frankie is pretty relaxed, but he certainly would never say no to a plastic ball with a bell in it, or pretty much any toy that makes noise! Frankie enjoys his wet food for breakfast, and he enjoys kibble too. He has great litter box manners.