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Four month old Jester is affectionately described by his foster family as adventurous and courageous, he’s the kind of kitty who loves to explore everything around him, and he’ll let you hear his incredibly loud purr if you stay by his side too!

A few of Jester’s favourite things are belly rubs and play time, he is particularly fond of toy balls, and especially anything that makes noise when he touches it! Jester is also a fan of dangly toys on strings. Jester will playfully wrestle with your fingers when you rub his tummy, and he loves to spend time by your side when he’s in the mood for a cuddle session.

Something that will help you gain Jester’s trust is treats - He just can’t resist those squeeze up tube treats, and Jester will cheekily push other cats out of the way if it means that he can hog the treat all to himself!v