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It’s impossible to not to be smitten with seven year old Dusty’s adorably chubby cheeks and round eyes, you could mistake her for a cat doll with how delightfully plush she is - Until she starts purring and headbutting you for attention, that is!

When you first meet Dusty, she may act shy and reserved. She takes some time to settle in to new spaces, but her heart is big and full of love for the humans around her, so it’s only a matter of patience until she opens up and shows you her wonderfully affectionate personality.

Dusty loves to be loved, and when she’s comfortable with you, she isn’t afraid to show it! Dusty will twirl and dance in circles as she tries to encourage you to pet all of the best spots, like those chubby cheeks of hers, or her ears, or even her shoulders! Dusty prefers it if you don’t touch her bum or tail.

Some of Dusty’s favourite spots to hang out include the tops of cat trees, raised platforms, and on top of chairs! She likes to be tall, that’s for sure. Dusty is still working on her confidence, but she has grown into an incredible friend to have.

Dusty gets along well with other calm cats, but she usually likes to do her own thing rather than play or cuddle.

She would do best around older or calm children, as she can still be a little shy.