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Rosie 3
Sweet and round eight year old Rosie is the type of kitty who you just can’t miss when you walk into a room - Not just because of her gorgeous, silky coat of fur, but also because of her sing song voice!

Rosie is up and singing, chirping, and chatting from the moment she hears you coming her way, and she doesn’t stop serenading you until you’ve got your hands on her... Or until you give her a bowl of food, if it’s dinner time!

Rosie knows what she wants and when she wants it, and she isn’t afraid to use that adorable meow of hers to let us humans know what’s on her mind. If you’re looking for an excellent conversationalist, Rosie is your girl for sure.

Rosie likes to be pampered like all kitty princesses, but she would prefer it if you don’t pat her bum - She’s very ticklish there and doesn’t like it! She may give you a swat if you continue to try and push her boundaries.

You will often find Rosie perched in a soft bed, gazing at you with her bright eyes, waiting for the perfect moment to get your attention for another snuggle session.

Rosie isn't overly fond of other cats or young children, but she does great with adults and older kiddos who can give Rosie space when she wants it.