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One year old Tippy is one half of a perfectly bonded pair, he needs to find his forever home alongside his brother, Tommy!

Tippy is one half of a silly pair of twins, can you tell who’s who?

This precious little dude is definitely still shy around the edges, but what kitten wouldn’t be? Tippy just needs your time and patience as he settles in, and you’ll get to see his amazing personality in no time.

Tippy is the kind of kitty who likes to come and see what’s going on when one of his friends is getting attention - He just can’t help his curiosity!

Once he’s settled in, Tippy is an adorable and playful kitty, there isn’t a toy in the world that he would say no to - But he does have a soft spot for cat nip.

Tippy also enjoys racing through a play tunnel with his siblings, Tommy usually isn’t too far behind.

Tippy is a good eater, and he loves his canned food