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Balta 2
Our sweet two year old Balta is a shy boy, but underneath his tough exterior is a gentle kitty just looking for love - All Balta needs is your patience as he settles in, and we just know you’ll be best friends in no time.

Balta is a big fan of head, neck, and chin rubs once he gets to know you, and he’ll close his eyes in happiness as you massage his adorably chubby cheeks. He would prefer it if you leave his tail alone when you pet him though, he’s ticklish!

One of Balta’s quirks is that he communicates with hisses a lot - Don’t mind him, he doesn’t mean anything by it. He’s just talking!

Balta enjoys lounging next to you on the couch if you invite him up, and recently in his foster home he has even begun to sneak into bed with his humans to sleep beside them. One of his other favourite spots is on his foster’s reclining chair - Balta will wait until the moment his foster stands up, and promptly hop right onto the pre-warmed seat like he owns the place!

Balta needs a quiet home with no rambunctious kiddos, as this shy sweetheart is easily startled by loud noises. He adores other cats, and would love a friend or two to live with. With your love and understanding, Balta will be letting you hear his loud purr in no time.