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Coco 3
Three year old Coco’s the kind of tall, dark and handsome everyone needs in their life - This chubby-cheeked gentleman is mind-mannered, laid back, and pretty chill in the day to day.

Despite his buff physique, Coco’s a total softie who just wants to be loved day in and day out. He will use his adorably tiny meow to communicate with his human friends, and will chirp his happiness when he sees you coming his way.

Coco is a big fan of lounging and relaxing the day away, and he’d never say no to some company. Coco loves to have his chunky little cheeks massaged, his head rubbed, his back pet... Really, Coco is just happy so long as you’re paying attention to him.

If you’re lucky, Coco may even give you a headbutt kiss. Coco is learning that being picked up isn’t too scary, but until then, he has no problem sitting right by your side.

Coco likes kids, and is gentle with them