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Three year old Roamin is one half of a perfectly bonded pair, he is looking to find his forever home alongside his best friend, Rosey!

Roamin is all long, lanky, ‘still growing into his big boy legs’ silliness, he’s a total monkey and loves to explore every inch of his space as much as he possibly can!

Roamin is aptly named for his adoration of roamin’ around - He goes everywhere that his feet can carry him. He loves to sniff out adventure around every corner, and will proudly investigate every surface and crevice that he can find - He needs to know just how many spots he can squeeze himself into in his home.

Roamin may let out a growl when he’s nervous, but all it takes is a scratch under his chin to have those rumbles turn into big purrs in no time.

You can call Roamin up to hang out with you for a pet or a back rub, but often times he’s got way too much on his kitty schedule to sit still for too long - He loves to go go go!

Roamin’s special love language is giving head butts. If you’re at head-level with you, he will affectionately bonk his head against yours as a greeting.