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One year old Abby is half of a perfectly bonded pair, she needs to find her forever home alongside her brother and best friend, Mr.Grey!

Abby’s a shy and sweet little gal to know - Despite her initially timid attitude when you’re first introducing yourself, Abby has a very playful and silly personality once she settles in!

Like most young kitties, Abby is a big fan of monkeying around with toys, catnip, plastic balls, bouncy springs... She’s not picky, Abby is just happy to have a big selection of toys to choose from for play time! Abby is also very fond of climbing up and down on her kitty tree, and you can often find her snuggled up to her brother, Mr.Grey, on one of the levels once it’s time for a nap.

Once Abby is comfortable with you, she loves to have her incredibly soft fur pet, and she’s always happy to have a head or ear massage. We have recently introduced her to the wonders of brushing, and while it’s still a new experience, she seems to like it!

Abby gets along well with other cats, and can be picked up and held without too much fuss. We just know she’s going to blossom into a confident kitty in her forever home.