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Joey 2
Eight year old Joey is a professional cuddler, a talented snuggler, and a bonafide best friend! He’s at his very happiest when he’s as close to his human friends as possible.

Joey’s the kind of cat where if he’s not laying up against or nearby his humans, it’s only because he’s gotten up for a few minutes to grab a snack or play with his toys, it’s never long before he’s back for more attention from his friends.

Whether you’re petting his amazingly soft, dark coat of fur, or cuddling him close as he settles in for a nap, Joey’s content to purr and relax the day away with you. When night time rolls around Joey will be right by your side, and happy to greet you again in the morning with a ‘Good morning!’ meow!

Joey isn’t the biggest fan of being picked up and will let you know with a sassy hiss, but that’s fine. He pretty much just follows you around the house anyways, so there’s not much need to try to heft him up. Joey will happily trot to the door when you come home like a dog, and meow excitedly when he sees you! He is also great with visitors.

Joey is a diabetic kitty, which can sound scary, but it’s really not! His glucose is stable, and he doesn’t require insulin injections, hooray! All Joey needs is his diabetic management food to thrive and be one happy camper, no fuss, no hassle, and he tolerates getting his blood sugar checked like a champion. Joey knows the whole song and dance very well, and he’ll be happy to walk you through it!

Throughout the day you will often find Joey lounging on his back with his rms high in the air, airing out the fur on his belly. For meals, Joey enjoys to have company while he eats, and then it’s play time!

Joey loves playing with any kind of toys on a string, and he’s particularly fond of foil balls!