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Pretty is one half of a purrfectly bonded pair, she needs to find her forever home alongside her sister, Missy!

Four year old Missy and Pretty became members of Furry Friends after their owner no longer wanted to care for them. They came into our care absolutely crawling with fleas, Missy with the worst of it out of the two of them, and in desperate need of a bath. Despite their obvious discomfort and itchiness from the fleas, both Missy and Pretty were so happy to see us! They behaved perfectly even when we had to stick them in the sink for a much-needed flea bath.

Pretty is definitely the life of the party in this duo! She’s energetic and fun, always excited about something and just so full of bright, happy energy for everyone she meets. She’s not afraid to put her best paw forward and jump into almost anything she experiences!

This tabby darling takes great pride in taking care of her best friend Missy, you can often find her protectively hugging or grooming Missy, and she has been known to confidently put herself between visitors and her sister, just to double check the situation before letting Missy see for herself! Pretty is extremely loyal and steadfast in her love for her sister, and it’s safe to say the two are absolutely the best of friends, even if they squabble like regular siblings sometimes.

Pretty absolutely loves toys, anything she can get her paws on really! She’ll even playfully chase after your fingers if you wiggle them, using her paws to grab and hold on to you before bouncing back and starting the whole game over again. She also loves to lounge in beds that are too big for her, and roll around under her blankets.

Pretty loves to be loved, and she will almost never say no to a good petting session. You can pick her up and cradle her in your arms when she isn’t too busy trying to monkey around, but she usually prefers to keep all paws on the ground.

In general, Pretty gets along with other cats, but she will very loudly hiss and yell at any cat that tries to push their luck and bother her or Missy too much! ;)