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Tippy is one half of a perfectly bonded pair with his mother, Mumma!

Tippy is approximately a year old and was the shyest little kitty out of his litter, he did his very best to stick to the shadows and close to his mumma for as long as he could. Nowadays, Tippy is growing more confident as the days go by, but he still sticks close to Mumma's side! ;)

Tippy absolutely draws most of his courage from his Mumma and the other kitties in his life. He tends to stay back and watch from a safe distance when his humans come around, but if his Mama is soaking up some attention, he will boldly come out as well! Tippy will rub around all over Mumma, licking her face, sucking her ears and wrapping his tail around hers in affection.

These are the occasions when Tippy is getting used to sharing human scratches with his Mumma and other confident kitties. This is how Tippy has slowly learned to love getting scratches and pets from humans. Once you start scratching him, he will purr and purr, loving every minute that he’s getting petted!

It will take some stubborn love and persistence to gain Tippy’s trust, but once you do the reward is absolutely worth while. When he knows you can be trusted, he will come up to you on the couch, purring and kneading and soaking up the love. He is tricky to pick up and may try to hop away but Tippy is 100% a gentle giant - if you can hold onto him and actually get him into your lap and start scratching his head and shoulders, he will melt into a puddle of purrs.

Tippy will surely need a slow and understanding transition into your home, and something like a cat tree or dresser where he can observe you from a higher vantage point while he susses out the new sitauation. He needs you to make the first move and persistently connect with him, pet him, talk to him, encourage him to feel safe. While there may be a lot of work put into gaining his trust, the payoff in affection and purrs will be huge, and you'll have a friend for life!