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Tess is one half of a purrfectly bonded pair, she needs to find her forever home with her sister Tami!

11 Month old Tess is a stunning calico beauty who has survived hardships that prove to us all that she is far stronger than her young age may lead you to believe... This little warrior is endlessly playful and adventurous, she keeps her foster family on their toes with her silly antics and nose for mischief!

Now, let’s discuss the elephant in the room, it’s surely been on your mind since seeing Tess’ photo, and you’re right... Tess IS just the most gorgeous kitty we have ever seen, whoever was in charge of putting her together at the cat store clearly knocked a whole container full of ‘good looks’ into Tess’ batch... Oh, you meant you were thinking about her eye? Of course, Tess is missing her left eye! Tess is just so used to seeing the world a little differently that we almost forgot, as far as she’s concerned there isn’t a thing wrong with her!

Right after birth, Tess and her sister Tami suffered very severe twin eye infections, and Tess’ was so bad that she ended up needing her eye surgically removed to prevent further harm to her little body. Don’t laugh, but she does occasionally run into furniture or get lost in a room because she has no sense of depth perception ;) She’s not afraid to use her big voice to call out and let you know when she needs help though!

Tess loves to be at the center of meal preparations, and has a particular fondness for salad... Tess will often sneak in and steal leaves of lettuce to drag around the house as a toy, or chase her sister Tami around with it! Sometimes she’ll even take asparagus. You can’t say that Tess isn’t creative when it comes to play time, that’s for sure. Even without lettuce, Tess and Tami are always chasing after one another and play fighting before falling asleep on a sunny cat tree.

One of Tess’ favourite toys are cat tunnels, she just loves zipping and zooming through them, or playing with her crinkly toy, or scratching away at a scratching post! She also likes to play with the laces on her foster dad’s moccasins - Tess may only have one eye, but she’s certainly got an ‘eye’ for fashion!

Tess gets along well with older cats, and she knows when to back off and let another kitty have their space if they need a break