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Tami is one half of a purrfectly bonded pair, she needs to find her forever home alongside her sister, Tess!

11 Month old Tami (Short for Tamika, what a pretty name!) is a stunning little calico beauty who only gets more charming the older she gets. Despite having a very rough start to life and overcoming great health challenges, Tami is the far bigger sibling between her and her sister Tess, and this mighty warrior’s excitement for life and enthusiasm for play help power this little monkey every day of the year!

While we’re on the topic of Tami’s beguiling looks and sweet kitty smile, we should talk about that question you’ve surely got on your mind... Yes, you are correct, Tami IS really just that gosh darn adorable, what is her secret? We’d love to know her beauty routine - Oh, you meant you wanted to know about her eye? Don’t worry, Tami’s just fine! Very soon after they were born, Tami and Tess suffered severe twin eye infections, and Tami ended up losing her left eye, not that it slows her down one bit.

When play time rolls around for Tami, all bets are off - She absolutely LOVES to throw down and wrestle with her toys or with her sister Tess, and she’s particularly fond of trying to dash across the living room as quickly as possible while trying not to touch the floor! Tami knows that if she runs fast enough she’ll eventually get the speed to take off and fly entirely, at least that’s what she thinks ;) When she’s got all four paws on the ground, she’s probably preoccupied by a cat nip toy or a crinkly ball!

If you put a hockey game or baseball up on the TV, Tami perks up right away and will raptly pay attention to the sports proceedings, gazing intensely at the action and watching wherever the excitement goes! She is also very fond of her scratching post, which allows her an appropriate outlet to get that natural urge to scratch out of her system.

Sometimes when you go to approach Tami she will playfully gallop off in a game of tag, but once you get your hands on her she loves to be pet, and can even be picked up! Beware of string or yarn around Tami, she and her sister Tess have been known to spread a ball of yarn across a room in no time flat!