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How could anybody resist this dapper gentleman’s gorgeous golden coat, his perfectly pink nose, or his wonderfully wise gaze? Eight year old Rusty is a gentle and round guy, he doesn’t ask for much, but he’s got a whole lot of love to give!

Rusty was surrendered into our care after his owner very sadly passed away, leaving this sweet boy to navigate life on his own. The family who briefly took care of Rusty in between his owner’s passing and his arrival with us told us many stories about Rusty’s wonderful cuddling abilities, and his fondness of being on laps 24/7... We can definitely agree with that sentiment!

Above all else, Rusty loves to love, and although he was understandably very upset with all of the change going on in his life, he has done an amazing job of moving forward and opening his heart to those around him. Rusty takes some time to settle in to new environments and he will need some extra reassurance as he gets comfortable, but once he’s confident, he’s the perfect prince to have around.

In general, Rusty is a pretty relaxed and laid back kitty, but he becomes more active as the sun goes down and he starts to prowl around the place looking for something exciting to do!

Rusty is a bit of a chatterbox, he likes to rumble and purr and sing and chirp whenever he has something on his mind, and he’s not afraid to let you know when he’d like to talk! He is especially vocal when he wants something, whether it’s a snuggle or a pat on the head, or perhaps an extra bowl of food (but not too much, Rusty could do with losing a bit of weight!)

Speaking of his weight, Rusty has a very endearing habit of wedging himself into beds and boxes that are far too small for his robust frame, just because he’s stubborn like that! He will curl tightly into beds made for kitties much smaller than himself, but you can tell he absolutely prefers big, soft pads and beds to stretch his legs on.

Rusty lived with two small dogs in his previous home and got along well with them, but he has no preference for if he were to have canine companions again or if he were to live on his own. He is also pretty neutral with other cats, although his gentle personality causes him to get bullied easily by more dominant kitties.