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Big, BEAUTIFUL, bubbly, Carrie! This two and a half year old delight is looking for a forever home that will help her continue to build her confidence, and adore her from her nose to her toes.

Carrie is a sweet and gentle girl who loves to get attention from her human friends, whether you’re brushing her gorgeously dark coat of fur as a part of a spa day, or if you’re just sitting next to her and scrolling through your phone, Carrie’s just happy to be a part of the gang. Sometimes, Carrie will even plop herself onto your lap if she’s feeling especially brave!

Speaking of bravery, while she may be a big girl, Carrie’s actually quite timid when it comes to new situations or loud, scary sounds despite her size. One moment she can be lounging on her bed without a care in the world, but if one of our volunteers drops a bowl or a fellow cat knocks something over, Carrie will give you her best turtle impression and wedge herself right under her bed and blankets! Carrie may peek her head out to see if the coast is clear, or she might just fall asleep underneath her pile, it really depends on her mood. :)

Carrie is always more than happy to see her human friends, often chirping happily and beginning to knead her paws before you even start petting. There isn’t a spot on her that she doesn’t enjoy being massaged, but she’s especially fond of having her face and sides rubbed. Carrie doesn’t mind her belly rubbed, and you can even pick this sweet girl up, although her size makes it a little difficult to carry her around!

When it comes to food, Carrie is a good eater who enjoys both her wet and dry food, but it would be in the best interest of her health if Carrie’s future forever family were to continue to monitor her diet in order to assist her in losing weight until she’s a bit of a healthier size. As cute as her pudgy belly is, Carrie is definitely overweight and has been thriving on the low-calorie food we have been feeding her.

Luckily, Carrie enjoys playing with toys when the mood strikes, and so you can help encourage Carrie to remain active by playing with her lots! She is also head over heels in love with cat trees, cubbies, and scratching posts.

In general, Carrie gets along just fine with other kitties and is never aggressive with them, but she can be startled by overly outgoing or energetic cats and may hide under her bed if they make her too nervous.