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Ah Ariel, you beautiful and quirky little darling! There are just so many ways we could fondly describe our long-term resident Ariel, at just eight years young, she has spent the majority of her life living here with us at the shelter. It has only been within the past year that she has decided that maybe us humans aren’t too bad after all, and Ariel is absolutely LOVING the new attention!

As we are a no-kill shelter, cats like Ariel taking their time to get used to humans are no problem for us - We work every day to socialize and acclimate cats to being friends with humans, but if they need a little extra time, that’s fine and dandy. Ariel’s turning point was when she had to go to the vets to have a full dental extraction, and needed to spend some time in our med room in close quarters with our volunteers. Whether Ariel’s heart was touched by the attention and TLC she received, or if she just finally realized we weren’t trying to ruin her day, little by little Ariel let down her walls and warmed up to the idea of being friends.

There’s no denying that this girl is spunky, full of character, and an absolute delight to know - Ariel is still learning how to express her feelings, and she’s figuring out how to ask for love! She will still scoot away from your hands sometimes when you approach, but once you get that first touch in and start to massage her shoulders, rub her ears and chin, or pat her back, she absolutely melts.

Ariel’s purr is big just like her heart, and sometimes she will even drool as you give her attention. While you’re petting her, Ariel will often try to nibble on your fingers (she has no teeth, don’t worry!) and she will also reach out to smack at your hand gently before immediately pressing her head back into your palm for more love. Ariel isn’t trying to scare you away or be mean, she just has eight years of communication and figuring out how to say ‘Please keep petting me!’ to learn! With your help, she will continue to hone her social skills and learn that her humans will always be nearby to give her affection.

Despite her nervousness, you can actually pick up Ariel without much trouble, although she is a bit wiggly and may try to hop down.

Ariel enjoys watching bird or mice videos on youtube, and she will even play with kitty toys when she thinks you aren’t looking.

Ariel gets along well with other cats, but she has a silly habit of smacking her friends on the head with her soft paws! She never fights, but Ariel’s interesting manners may annoy a less understanding kitty.