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Hugo is one half of a bonded kitty pair, he needs to find his forever home alongside his sister, Terri!

Five month old Hugo may be the smallest kitty out of his family, but he has a mighty meow and a gigantic purr that far outweighs his tiny stature! You know what they say about good things coming in small packages, Hugo is the very definition of ‘good things’, with plenty of love to spare.

Hugo has grown up alongside his four siblings, but he has an especially close bond with his sister Terri. They can be found on the regular snuggling together, grooming, and playing like the two little monkeys they are!

When it comes to affection, Hugo’s your little man for sure. Hugo loves a good head scratch or a pat on the bum, but don’t touch his adorable little tail - He’ll dash away in offense if you try! Don’t worry about his tail being off limits though, because Hugo more than makes up for it by giving you plenty of kitty kisses all over your face and rubbing against you as he purrs and purrs and purrs.

Hugo loves play time, especially if it’s with his siblings or a stuffed animal, but he isn’t a huge fan of regular kitty toys. He prefers something that will respond to his touch, like a sibling to wrestle with or a string he can batt around with his paws!

Hugo isn’t a picky eater and will often happily eat anything placed in front of him. In particular, he is very fond of tuna flavoured squeeze ups!