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Mama Mia, here I go again! My my, how can I resist you? Musical references aside, sweet little mama Mia has come a long way thanks to the love and care of her dedicated foster family. After being discovered outside alongside her five kittens, Mia was rescued by a kindly samaritan and has been learning the ins and outs of the indoor kitty life as she watches her babies grow big and strong!

At just a year old, Mia is a tiny wonder who’s kittens are beginning to outgrow her petite frame! With all of Mia’s attentive care her little ones have grown big and strong, and now it’s time for mama herself to find her forever home, and just in time too... Five rambunctious kittens are fun and all, but even the most patient mama needs a break from that sort of monkey business!

Mia has a mellow personality and an observant gaze, she prefers to sit on the sidelines of any action going on and keep watch on all of the goings on. Due to her upbringing outside Mia is a bit confounded by toys, she’s not entirely sure what to make of wiggly wands or catnip mice, but that just means that you get all of the fun of discovering what catches Mia’s eye and gets her dashing across the house in excitement! Although with her laid back personality, she may just be more prone to hanging out instead of goofing off, and that’s a-okay too!

There’s a lot to compliment about Mia’s looks between her adorable (and silly) fluffy, tufted ears and her piercing yellow gaze, but her beautiful looks are just the tip of the iceberg. Mia will keep that sharp gaze on all of the goings-on around the house even while she’s relaxing, call it a mother’s intuition but Mia just has to make sure that everything is running smoothly, even when she’s off the clock! Despite her dainty appearance, Mia is a brave and strong kitty, so much so that she seems to prefer the support of the cool wooden floor or a windowsill for napping over a cushy bed, but that doesn’t stop her from snuggling up on the couch with her humans once in a while.

Mia isn’t afraid of being picked up and moved from place to place, but she prefers to not be cradled in the air, this independent girl likes the freedom of her feet firmly on the ground! She’ll never say no to a good back scratch or cheek rub though.

After growing up outside, the call of the wild still catches Mia’s attention sometimes, and she will gaze intensely outside or cry wistfully at the window. Mia will need to be watched carefully so that she doesn’t try to dart outside unaccompanied, but she would likely love to be trained on a harness to safely enjoy the outdoors!