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Bruno the Bold, Bruno the Boundless, Bruno the Boneless... Bruno! Bruno is one half of a perfectly bonded pair, he needs to be adopted alongside his brother, Max!

Meet Bruno, an astoundingly friendly and laid-back kitty with an endearing lack of respect for personal space, no fear of whatever life throws his way, and a charmingly warm personality to wrap it all up! Bruno easily makes friends at every turn and loves to laze around like a ragdoll all day long. He was given the name ‘Bruno the Boneless’ thanks to his floppy, lackadaisy posture when you pick him up for cuddles, which he loves any time of the day!

This gorgeous dark-furred kitty is a cuddling fiend, he believes everything is better if you’re up close and personal - If he can get right in your face and ask for cuddles, he will! Bruno is very accommodating and doesn’t mind if you’re a little busy, he’ll just make himself comfortable... Getting some work done or trying to catch up on chores? Don’t worry, Bruno will stay right at your side and help you through your tasks!

Bruno is truly a fearless little adventurer; he’s never seen a cat tree too tall to climb or met a human too intimidating to befriend. There is no such thing as an unexplored nook or cranny with Bruno around! He plays hard and loves just the same, and with his confident personality his foster believes that he could grow to get along with children or a canine companion if given proper introductions.

In order to fuel all of his lollygagging, Bruno is an eating machine - And he’s not picky about what he fills his cute little face with! Wet food, dry food, treats, even a little snippet of human food here and there... It’s all good as far as Bruno is concerned. With how outgoing and athletic he is, Bruno may try to help you out in the kitchen when you’re cooking!

Bruno is playfully energetic without bouncing off the walls like some kittens, and he gets along great with his brother Max. He’s perfectly litter box trained and loves to have multiple boxes to choose from, and he knows to keep his claws tidy on scratching posts and pads, not furniture!