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Don’t let the name fool you, our eye-catching 2 year old Spook isn’t scary at all - Although he certainly gave his human savior quite the fright when he first started showing up on her windowsills, hence the name! Poor Spook was severely down on his luck when he first made himself known to the kind woman who lived in the home he began to visit, but thanks to her patience and insistence that Spook deserved a better life than one that he had, Spook was rescued and brought safe inside.

Now, we would be lying if we said that Spook was a model house guest at first when he arrived at his foster home - He had absolutely no matters, this sweetheart couldn’t make heads or tails of his new indoor situation, and he had no idea how to communicate with us humans his needs or wants! After living outside and suffering unknown cruelty, the only way that Spook knew how to get his point across was to hiss and scratch, even when all he really wanted was to be pet or to let loose and play like the young kitty he is. Spook was also extremely protective of his back end, and reacted out of fear if you pushed his boundaries and tried to touch him there... We can’t say for sure, but from Spook’s first reaction to humans and our interactions, we strongly believe this poor soul was abused.

Thankfully Spook has had plenty of time to unwind and work on his communication skills, but he still requires understanding and a patient hand while he gets to know you. Once you learn the ins and outs of Spook’s special love language however, you’ll be able to read his signals and shift your approach to match whatever is on his mind! There’s nothing that Spook loves more than having you sit on the floor at his level so that he can get up close and have his body almost touch yours, and then he gets right into asking you to massage his ears, cheeks, his neck, upper back, and of course kiss his precious little head! You may even sneak a belly rub in, but only if Spook is feeling especially generous.

Spook does NOT like to be left on his own, although he may look like the king of the jungle, this softie will cry like a kitten for somebody to keep him company if he’s by himself for too long. After Spook has had his fair share of love and affection, this stunning guy is ready to play! His favourite toy is a well-loved, beaten up feather stick that he will run in circles after, jump high in the air, or even stretch across your legs to catch. Spook isn’t ashamed to say that he would take up your entire day with play, if you let him!

All Spook needs is a home with a family who understands his incredibly hard past, and will continue to show him patience and compassion as he grows into a confident, purrfectly mannered kitty. Spook would thrive in a home with NO other pets, and no young children.