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Our marvelous, magnificent, misunderstood Milo is looking for his forever home - He desperately wants a loving family who will open their hearts and offer their compassion and understanding to him as he continues to work through his traumatic past, and excitedly looks ahead to a brighter future. Milo has a playful personality and lots of love to share, you just need to earn his trust for him to let you in!

Our mountainous 5 year old Milo became a member of Furry Friends after his family had him cruelly declawed, and then were not prepared to deal with the behavioral changes that came alongside having one’s paw tips removed... Milo was upset, hurt and afraid of his family now that they had betrayed his trust. He showed his fear the only way he knew how now that his paws were defenseless, and began to bite and act out to keep himself safe from any further harm.

Milo is, underneath a 20-pound exterior, a very anxious and shy boy who needs plenty of reassurance from the humans around him that he is safe, loved, and never going to be in harm’s way ever again. When Milo becomes scared, he paces and cries like a frightened child, the poor soul. You can see evidence of Milo’s insecurities in the bald patches on his arms and belly that he nibbles off when he gets very worried, and he is heartbreakingly nervous about hands coming too quickly towards his face... It is painfully obvious that Milo was not loved or cherished the way he deserved to be in his previous home, and we are hoping that by sharing his story, some kind soul out there will connect with Milo and be willing to help nurture his confidence and allow him to thrive!

Although Milo is afraid of hands, he adores feet and legs! Milo will excitedly bump and rub himself against your legs as you walk around him, and he will often meow happily as he pushes his nose into your shoes to see what’s going on in there. It’s his way of reaching out to the people around him ‘safely’, no hands involved, no fear needed!

Milo is also an astoundingly playful kitty despite all of his anxiety and past pain, as soon as you get a wiggly wand or a feather toy out Milo is jumping as best as he can with his chubby tummy and darting around the room to catch the toy. He loves catnip mice, and he’s quite the toy connoisseur in general if he does say so himself. We once introduced him to one of those electronic cat wands that moves in circles on its own, but poor Milo wasn’t too sure what to think of it and made us show him it wasn’t scary before he would play with it!

At the end of the day, all Milo needs is a chance to be his very best self - His best self involves a family with no children where he can be given the space he needs to feel safe, and the closeness he craves to feel loved. Milo would do best with no other animals so that he can focus on his recovery, and you can focus on your new best friend.