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Make way for The General, here he comes! Clear your schedules folks, this handsome guy has a commanding personality and a presence that you just can’t ignore... Especially not when General is purring so loudly and winding himself around your legs like that!

The General (or just General, if we’re being casual) became a member of Furry Friends when he was discovered roughing it in the great outdoors all on his own, a skinny little thing nowhere near the plump and luxuriously-coated glory he is today. It took a few weeks of the woman who found him patiently feeding and coaxing him closer, until one day General pulled up his suspenders and marched right on into her home. General was incredibly grateful for everything the kind woman did for him, and he repaid her handsomely with as many purrs and headbutts as he could!

General has no problem making friends, but it’s important to know that since he had to fight to survive outside for a while, he is still a little nervous around new things and loud sounds. Give him time and patience, and General builds his confidence and steadily opens up to reveal his soft-hearted nature underneath his bravado!

When it comes to snuggles, The General is your go-to man - He’s not afraid to meow and let you know when he wants attention, before happily curling around your legs and jumping up to meet your hand as you reach down to pet him. General just loves being pet and scratched, and he will often wind his long, fluffy tail around your arm to keep you close.

If you see General swinging his tail widely back and forth, he’s letting you know that he’s ready for play! It’s time to break out the toys and get crackin’, especially if you have a string or fishing rod style toy on hand! The General is just a young kitty after all, he’s got plenty of energy to spare.

When General was living outside, it’s highly likely that he met some kitties who weren’t overly kind to him judging by his reaction to his fellow felines today. When General first meets a new kitty he puts up his guard and goes on the defensive, hissing and showing them he’s big, he’s scary.... He’s scared! Don’t be fooled by his tough-guy act, behind it all lies a curious kitty who just needs time to get used to new feline friends. Give him a slow introduction and lots of time to adjust, and The General will be happy to have the company after a while.

The General is ready to march his way into your heart, are you ready to take him home?