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Sweet and lovely Freckles was rescued from a life on the streets where she was forced to scrounge for food to survive alongside her three siblings. Life was especially tough for Freckles, as she was the last one of her family to finally be caught and rescued - It took four weeks longer to catch this sweet girl than it did for her siblings, it was quite the hunt!

Despite Freckles suffering from multiple scratches and scrapes when she was finally rescued and brought indoors, she immediately took to this whole ‘indoor cat’ thing and her new human friends with gusto! She loves to be picked up and snuggled with, and she lets her purr roar loudly to show her thanks for your attention.

After being on her own for so long, Freckles is making up for all of that lost one-on-one time by letting her humans know that she means business when it comes to affection! Freckles is more than happy to spend all day by your side, soaking up your company and getting those on-demand pets that she craves. She’s ready to be somebody’s loyal companion for life!

Freckles loves her food, both wet and dry. She also loves her treats, like most kitties! When it comes to toys, after she was taught what to do with all of those weird brightly-coloured and crinkly things, Freckles has decided that she’s quite fond of playing! She is also a fan of joining her siblings up on the cat tree when nap time rolls around.

Sudden noises and movements can still make Freckles nervous after all of the scary time she spent outside on her own, but she’s quick to bravely overcome her fears and come right back to you for love when she does get startled.