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Sweet and gentle Tango is one of our long-term residents, she’s been living in our care now for over six and a half years! Despite her beautiful, well-kept coat of fur, good kitty manners and ability to make friends with every cat that she meets, Tango has been looked over for adoption time and again due to her shy nature. Despite her permanent adorably grumpy face, Tango has never been a mean kitty; she has never swat or bit or even given us a nasty look, she is just shy and unsure of people. Tango simply needs a family who is willing to help her grow her confidence!

Although Tango is timid when it comes to new people, you can pet her soft head and even pick her up once you start showing her affection, she just doesn’t know what to do with all of the love that we offer or how to ask for it... Sadly, Tango did not have a happy past, and it shows with her shyness and habit of tucking her head into the ‘safety’ of her bed when you first interact with her.

Once you start massaging her shoulders or combing your fingers through her fur, Tango will close her eyes and start to relax into your affection. You can scritch under her chin and even pat her bum, she really isn’t bothered by much as long as you speak softly to her and have a gentle touch! As previously mentioned, Tango can be picked up and cradled in your arms once she gets to know you, she appreciates the close contact and is learning that being held isn’t too bad at all.

It may be surprising to hear, but despite Tango’s quiet personality she’s actually quite the energetic kitty when it comes to play time! We often find her in the middle of a pile of cats, batting toys and having a friendly wrestling match with our young residents. She absolutely adores the ball-in-track style toys, cardboard boxes, crinkly tubes, and she loves watching TV! If you make her a soft spot in front of the screen, she will curl up with a friend to enjoy the show.

Tango gets along amazingly well with other cats after living with us for so long, and she has a soft spot for kittens and younger cats - She really vibes with their outgoing personalities! When Tango gets adopted, she will need to live with other cats for sure!

Tango loves Friskies temptation treats, and she’s a pretty big fan of tuna too. Offering her lots of treats will help her settle in more easily into her forever home!