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Tawny is a calico queen who turns heads no matter where she goes! Whether she catches your eye with her gorgeous fluffy coat, her regal stature as she sits atop a cage, or if you’re side-eying her because she’s trying to swat at your shoelaces again, you just can’t miss Tawny.

As one of our resident courageous calico queens, it’s only fair that Tawny demands love and respect around our shelter. Tawny has grown to expect offerings of temptations treats every morning and evening from our dutiful volunteers, and she knows that if she throws herself dramatically at our feet that we just can’t resist petting her soft head... She’s a cunning girl, she has us all wrapped around her little paw and she knows it!

Seeing as Tawny was declawed at a young age, she understandably has a bit of an attitude if you don’t give her highness her proper dues - if any of us humans had the tips of our fingers removed we would be equally as upset, surely. Tawny knows that her soft, claw-less paws are useless at deterring unwanted attention, and so she will give a nip if you push her boundaries too far.

Luckily for us, Tawny’s boundaries are plain as day; She’s not a fan of being picked up, and she isn’t one for having her bum pet. Beyond that, as long as you treat her with a healthy respect and admiration for her outgoing personality, Tawny is a merciful queen who prefers to watch over her kingdom from a comfortable perch or bed rather than cause trouble.

In her spare time you can often find Tawny relaxing in front of one of our TVs watching bird or fish videos, or getting up to a bit of mischief with some of the more extroverted kitties in our care. Tawny isn’t afraid to tussle with the big kitties, and she often comes out on top! She would do best in a home with no other cats despite her bravery, where she gets to be in the spotlight all the time.