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Oh Yoshi, who could ever ask for a better cat than you? A chubby lap cat with a sunny personality, perfect manners and a surprising athletic ability, all he needs is a family to fall in love with him!

The moment we let Yoshi out of his pen to roam, he’s got his nose to the ground and he’s taking off like a bloodhound, sniffing and snorting his way into adventure! He just absolutely loves discovering new smells, and you can often him following one scent trail or another until he gets distracted by one of our volunteers... And then he’s busy sniffing their hands and indulging in pets!

With his unique ability to follow a scent across the building, it’s not surprising that he gets himself into some interesting places - Despite his generous size and floppy belly, Yoshi has no problem leaping to the tops of cat trees, or venturing on top of our TALL laundry cabinet and meowing at us proudly as he dangles his paws above our heads.

Yoshi also loves to put himself under furniture as well as on top of it, you can never quite guess where he’ll end up next... He’s a bit of a kitty Houdini! It’s all good though, because once he’s had his fill of adventure Yoshi will end up right back on your lap, lovingly kissing your cheeks and nose as he purrs and kneads. He’s an absolute softie who thrives on love and affection.

It doesn’t matter if you sit on the floor or a chair, Yoshi will clamber right up onto your lap like he owns the place. Sometimes something across the room will catch his eye and he will go leaping off like a kitten, before ending up back with you and chatting excitedly about whatever he saw!

Yoshi enjoys spending his time close to you, but he’s also content to keep himself busy by scratching cat trees or meandering around the place on his own. He gets along well with other cats, but he gets bullied by more outgoing cats because he’s so gentle.