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Prince 1
Prince is a solid kitty with a confident attitude, he’s a loyal friend with a penchant for napping on tall cat trees when he isn’t busy romping around the house with toys!

Prince became a member of Furry Friends after his elderly owner was no longer able to care for him, his youthful and energetic personality was simply too much for her to keep up with anymore - It was for the best for both Prince and his owner, and he holds no hard feelings about the change.

This big and muscular kitty enjoys dividing his time between playing with whatever he can get his paws on, and napping in front of the windows. Prince just loves to chase after paper balls and catnip toys, and he will even gallop after the balls to bring them right back to you! This clever guy loves to indulge in a game of fetch, and would enjoy showing you just how talented he is.

In his home Prince was a big fan of the faucet in the tub, and you could often find him with his head shoved under the running water, lapping away at the cool stream! Oddly enough he’s always enjoyed getting his head and neck wet, unlike most cats and their dislike of water.

Prince always likes a good brush to keep his thick fur neat and tidy, as long as you stay away from his belly - He’s a little ticklish around that area! He’s also happy to enjoy a pile of treats here and there throughout the day, particularly Friskies temptations. Prince prefers his dry kibble and treats over wet food.

At the end of the day Prince is very happy to snuggle up to you in bed, and he will settle down for the night right by your side. He loves to spend time with humans and cats, even children!