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Now that the chapter of our beautiful mama Arden’s life that revolved around caring for her babies is coming to a close as they all find their forever homes, Arden has finally had the time to rest and relax away from her little ones (raising 6 kittens on her own in a barn is a tough job)! She wants us to give everybody an update on how she’s doing and all of the wonderful discoveries she has learned now that she’s had some time for herself... Spoiler alert, she’s doing AMAZING!

With all of this free time on her paws, Arden has discovered the joy of eating treats and playing with toys like the young kitty she never got the chance to be while living outside and raising a family! It’s like she’s just realizing now that she missed out on a big portion of her kittenhood and youth, and she’s making up for lost time. She really enjoys wand-style toys that she can grab and pull, and anything with a string Arden can chase is good in her books!

Arden loves to be near her humans, and she will circle you non-stop for pets if you let her, she never gets tired of soaking up affection! Arden will let you know when she really wants affection by bumping up against your legs. Rub her cheeks, massage her face and shoulders, pet down her back, and you can even pat her cute little bum. If she really trusts you, Arden will even flip over to let you rub her belly... She likes to grab and hold onto your hand if you touch her tummy, and she will lick your fingers gently. No biting or anything, just plenty of kitty kisses from Arden.

Mama Arden is extremely well behaved and doesn’t get into any trouble, not even in her foster mom’s work room - She dutifully leaves the curtains, cords, and equipment alone.

This gal is still one talkative kitty, and she communicates with everything from sweet meows to big purrs.

Arden is getting better and better with new people, she loves her foster family and has even warmed up to their friends! Arden will still find somewhere safe and hidden to observe newcomers until she becomes comfortable with their presence, but it’s not long until she comes right back out again for love when the coast is clear.

When it comes to other cats, Arden has no problem co-existing peacefully as long as the other cat isn’t a bully. She’s too gentle to handle very dominant or high energy cats, but she gets along just fine with other cool cats!