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With his plush cheeks, bright green eyes and refined gray coat, Gibby gives off the appearance of a wise, kindly old man... or a kitty wizard, depending on if you see him before or after he’s had his daily grooming session! Gibby would look like he just walked straight off of the streets in the middle of a storm if it weren’t for a bit of brushing and TLC every once in a while. You know those cartoons where someone sticks their finger in an electrical socket and their hair puffs up? Yeah, that's Gibby’s fur situation after a good nap.

Gibby became a member of Furry Friends after he and his brother Whiskey were surrendered at 12 years old to our shelter, skin and bones and scared as anything. Whiskey has long since found his forever home, but Gibby was adopted and then returned after it was discovered that his kidneys just don’t work as well as they should.

This sweet potato’s special qualities don’t stop him one bit from living his best life though! Gibby is friendly and affectionate, always happy to see people and rubbing himself against your feet at any opportunity. As he is currently living in our office, Gibby sees it as his duty to oversee all of our paperwork and to inspect every donation that comes in... He knows that once in a while he’ll discover an open bag of treats and get to keep them to himself if he’s quick enough!

Gibby will excitedly wait at the door as soon as he knows our volunteers are nearby, sometimes laying dramatically on his side and waving his paws under the gate to get our attention! When it comes to meal times, Gibby will easily clear a bowl or two before checking everyone else’ bowl to see if there are any scraps left over. Once he’s content that he has left no morsel behind, Gibby will make himself comfortable on one of our office chairs or on top of a cat tree and wait for a good head rub or shoulder rub from us.

Although Gibby likes to perch in the strangest of places in his spare time (Like on top of the laptop, or on the back of the TV screen, or in the shelf...) He will often crawl on top of your lap and gaze right at your face when he wants attention, it’s his way of saying ‘Love me! I’m perfect! Take me home!’

Gibby likes to give kisses and will often nibble and gently nip at your fingers while you’re petting him. He’s not doing it to be mean, it’s just how he shows his affection! He’s weird like that, but we love him.

Gibby gets along great with other cats, adults and children! He’s quite the lady’s man with other kitties.